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Welcome to the WFC website. Please take a moment to browse the site to familiarize yourself. Contributions in form of articles, post, comments, suggestions, pictures, and videos are always welcome. You will notice that some pages and post allow for comments – feel free to join in the discussions!


N13450 – 1974 Cessna 172M

Aircraft Scheduler:

The aircraft Scheduler can be viewed online by members. You website username and password is administered separately from the scheduler. If you change your website credentials your scheduler credentials will remain the same.

Squawk Sheet:

Please use this in addition to the sheet found in the aircraft. That way folks will save travels to the airport in the event an issue has arisen that will cause the plane to be unusable by them.


Safety issues, concerns and other resources can be found here. It is in your best interest as well as that of others to always remain vigilant of unsafe situations.


Chris Sparks – New primary students and flight reviews

Bud Crouse – New primary students and flight reviews (On Temporary  Hiatus)

Chuck Ellsworth – (ground and flight reviews only)


There will be a section for members to view other members contact information.


A listing of club officers with their contact information will be posted.


The minutes of meetings will be available for members to review.

Treasurer’s Report:

The monthly club treasurer’s report will be available for members to see the current financial status of the club.

WFC Bylaws:

Read the Bylaws-Wilkes-Flying-Club-Inc.-Rev.-7-12-07

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