1.  Preventive maintenance has been preformed on an aircraft.  What paperwork is required?

a.  The signature, certificate number, and kind of certificate held by the person approving the work and description of the work entered in the aircraft maintenance records.

b.  Date the work was completed.  Name of person  who did the work entered in the airframe and engine log book.

c.   A full, detailed description must be entered in the airframe log    book.

2.  No person may take off or land under VFR at an airport that lies within Class D airspace the

a.  flight visibility at the airport is at least 3 sm

b.  Ground visibility of at least 1 sm.

c.  Flight visibility of at least 1 sm.

3.  Before a person holding a private pilot certificate may act as pilot in command of a high performance airplane, that person must have

a.  Passed a flight test in that airplane from a FAA inspector.

b.  Received ground and flight instruction from an authorized flight instructor who then endorses  that person’s  logbook.

c.  An endorsement in that person’s logbook that he or she is competent s to act as pilot in command.

4.  The vertical limit of Class C airspace above the primary airport is normally

a.  3000 ft. agl

b.  4000 ft. agl

c.  1200 ft. agl

5.  What clouds have the greatest turbulence.

a.  Cumulonimbus.

b.  Nimbostratus.

c.  Towering cumulus.

6.  After take off which airspeed would a pilot use to gain the most altitude in a given time?

a.  Vx

b.  Vy

c.  Va

7.  The destination airport has one runway, 8/26, and the wind is calm.  The normal approach in calm wind is a left-hand pattern to Runway 8.  There is no other traffic at the airport.  A thunderstorm about six miles west is beginning its mature stage, and rain is starting to reach the ground.  The pilot decides to.

a.  Fly the pattern to runway 8 since the storm is to far to effect the wind at the airport.

b.  Fly the pattern to Runway 8 since the storm is west and moving north and any unexpected wind will be from the east or southeast toward the storm.

c.  Fly an approach to runway 26 since any unexpected wind caused by the storm will be westerly


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